Please Use Other -exit

Tired of talk of “Grexits” and “Brexits”?  Too bad, you know the media loves to beat dead linquistic horses. (Brexitgate anyone?) And so shall I!  Here’s just a handful of -xits you’ll be seeing in the near future:

  1. Giving birth will now be known as a Pregxit.
  2. Sally Field Divorce?  Gidgxit.
  3. Popping a pimple is a Zitxit.
  4. Dine and dash will become Checkxit.
  5. Left at the altar? Victim of a Wedxit.
  6. Jamaican haircut: Dreadzxit.
  7. Curry foul out is a Stephxit.
  8. Mic drop on The Voice: Pharrellxit.
  9. That time of the month: Eggsxit.
  10. North Jersey secedes from Tri-state Area: Fuggeddabouxit.


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