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Shocking New Obama Revelations from Giuliani

Still reeling from recent allegations that Obama “doesn’t love America” (in part because he was not raised like “us”) the White House learned today that a new round of unflattering presidential shortcomings were unveiled earlier this week by “America’s Mayor.” … Continue reading

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My Life Is Crap

It’s so hard… to say goodbye… to all the stupid crap you’ve acquired over the years. The books you’re never going to read again. The CDs you never even listened to once (not even sure I have a CD player!) … Continue reading

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Me and My RV

I hesitated to bother with Yet Another Motorhome Memoir, but as it happens, I’m brokedown in 98 degree heat with no A/C at the moment, so… the timing is right. I’m gonna update, elaborate and otherwise embellish my all too … Continue reading

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Garden State Driving Tips

By now everyone knows to avoid driving through New Jersey after a gubernatorial election. In particular you want to avoid cities with a Democratic mayor that did not endorse the Republican winner. But that’s all water under the George Washington … Continue reading

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Dead and Disappointed

Recent advances by the experts in paranormal science at the NSA have enabled eavesdropping on the dead. The new capabilities give the agency access to channels previously accessible only to mediums and psychics, paving the way for posthumous monitoring of … Continue reading

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Of Michael Sam, Richie Incognito and locker rooms…

Last week the sports and social media were all aflutter with the news of Michael Sam’s pre-NFL draft announcement that he’s gay. A few outlets reported that his draft value would be diminished by this revelation, some citing teams wanting … Continue reading

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The Creature of Habit Meets the Flitter

Editor’s note: The following originally appeared as “Column One” in the 2013 (final) edition of the Fake LA Times I sent East at Christmas for twenty years… ANAHEIM HILLS – Despite my annual efforts to package my existence as a … Continue reading

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Our Divided Nation

You don’t need to be a pundit or connoisseur of the blogosphere to know our nation has become more polarized than ever. Nirvana for one is anathema to another. Whether discussing the budget, proposed controls, alleged leaks, environmental issues – … Continue reading

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Top Ten Pundit Talking Points Targetted For Termination

If you watch Stewart or Colbert, you are familiar with the phenomenom of a catchphrase being coined and then spreading like a virus to every talking head on the tube (LEDs, plasmas, what-have-you.) It’s bad enough that they’re all bleating … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Thanksgiving is Better than Christmas

10. No gifts to buy. Or wrap. Or return. 9. Always on a Thursday. Always a four day weekend. Unless you work for Walmart. 8. No Thanksgiving songs. 7. No Tree. 6. No lights. No ladders. No extension cords. No … Continue reading

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