Intermittent Exotropia

Recently discovered that after a few weeks of intense piano practice I tend to get a little dizzy at the keyboard.  My genius eye doctor friend listened to my symptoms, made a preliminary guess as to the cause and confirmed it a few weeks later when I got out to see her.

It seems to fall in the category of “one more thing that’s not good but isn’t going to kill you either.”  I thought the name of my syndrome had a sort of heavy metal feel to it, so I wrote a little song to celebrate its having been positively identified…

Sung/shouted/grunted in mostly one note (metallica style):

When you’ve got LAZY EYES!!!
…When they poop out to the sides

Don’t try to sleep with one eye open
Cause it won’t help a bit
You got to do your pencil pushups
To get yer peepers fit.”

Repeat first verse, get a little dizzy and then take a nap.
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