You Might Be a Target of A Government Sting Operation If…

… your co-conspirator’s e-mail ends in .gov.
… sleeper cell carpool is three Crown Vic’s and your Scion.
… your new non-drinking buddy offered you a nuke for the exact balance of your savings account.
… the radio station in your contact’s car is tuned to Q102 Country.
… Cell leader always pays for Starbucks with crisp 100’s.
… your Al-Qaeda contact has a “Bomb Stuff Now, Ask Me How!” bumper sticker.
… books spotted at the secret hideout include “Arabic for Dummies” and “Your First Dirty Bomb.”
… Driver Aboud always gets off with a warning – and a wink.
… Contact refers to you as “you-know-who” when explaining to caller that he “can’t talk now.”
… Brother Khalid ordered Wendy’s Triple Baconator – then quickly asked them to hold bacon.
… your rendez-vous instructions arrive in an envelope marked “Postage and Fees Paid – M. C.”
… ringtone on prepaid cellphone is theme from Disney’s Aladdin.

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